Tournament Rules


Click here to download MOST 2021 Tournament Manual and Rules Booklet

The information and rules on the website of shall be kept up to date by MOST Board of Directors. The rules to be published on our website shall be considered unofficial rules as there may be update revisions of the rules.

All participants should follow up on the rules and updates.

The official rules shall be delivered to the team leaders at registration acceptance before the contest and shall be announced in the Skippers Meeting to be held before the contest.

All participants are considered to have accepted the official rules delivered to them by participating in the tournament.

This tournament is a sports competition event in which participants are volunteers, based on values such as gentlemanliness and respect to nature and individuals, and which has uniquely developed rules.

Therefore, beyond catching as many fish as possible, the purpose of this event is to protect our future with sustainable fishing and a sustainable environment by raising natural and environmental awareness with not only the participants but also national and international social media and to ensure that the individuals are not only concerned with their own generation but also with the future generations by raising social awareness.

We wish you success in the Contest

Tight Lines, Fair Winds and Following Seas... Ahoy...