Why Mediterranean International Fishing Tournament?

It will be a matter of prestige for the ones who dedicate themselves to sportfishing to be in Mediterranean International Fishing Tournament.

The people who dedicate themselves to nature and the sea get involved in this kind of excitement of the contest with a desire for change and adventure.


Nature and adventure-loving people from every part of the society join the sportfishing tournaments, most of the competitors are upper-level business people and they mostly know each other. This competitor community is growing day by day and the quota of the competition is filling up quickly.


Bodrum is Turkey’s most attractive place as destination. Gökova and Güllük Gulf are the pearls of the Aegean.


We are organizing an event that will have an impactful impression on both national and international media, meeting the wishes and desires of the participants. We can call it the final match or the Grand Slam of the Sportfishing competitions.


Target Audience?


Nature and adventure-loving people from every part of the society and Turkey’s leading business people or private company managers meet at this event.


Our goal is to bring together the upper-level sport fishers and business people who dedicate or will dedicate themselves to this sport and make them live an adventure and a final which they will wait with longing every year.