The Countdown Has Started For 2nd MOST BODRUM 2017…

The most passionate, most environmentally friendly, most exciting, and one of the newest trends of the sea the sportfishing is transforming into a unique experience with the 2nd MOST Bodrum Tournament on 24-27 August 2017!


Sportfishing, getting popular day by day among the most popular hobbies in the world in recent years, has important followers in our country… In our country covered with the sea on three sides and having extremely suitable geography for this hobby, In addition to leading names in the business world, numerous nature and sea enthusiasts participate in international sportfishing tournaments organized in Turkey with great joy and excitement.

Starting with sportfishing’s important contributions to tourism, economy, and the environment, aiming to raise awareness in these topics, MOST is getting ready to bringing the “Formula 1” of the sportfishing in Turkey into action with their 2nd tournament this year.Mekin GÖZEN (Chairman of the Board of Directors of Gözen Aviation), Turgut KONUKOĞLU (Sanko Holding),Necmettin YAY (CEO of Seafari Fishery), Atty Erim BENER (Bener Law Firm), Atty Can ÖZER (Özer Law Firm), Architect Sinan KURAN (KRN Architecture), Sinan KOSİF (Executive Board Member of Kosifler Group), Dr. Serdar GÜNSEREN (IGFA Turkey) Comprising of the names expert in their fields and professionals, MOST board of directors are organizing their second tournament on 24-28th August in Palmarina Bodrum.

With Festival Vibes, Exciting, Formula 1 of the Sportfishing Most Bodrum Tournament is starting in August!

Being organized according to the rules of IGFA which is based in the USA and just celebrated its 75th anniversary, the MOST Bodrum Tournament (Mediterranean Offshore Sportfishing Tournament – Akdeniz Açık Deniz Sportif Balıkçılık Turnuvası) can host 50 sportfishing boat and 300 competitors that will be invited.

Represented by Dr. Serdar Günseren and Elvio Penetti in Turkey, IGFA’s responsibility is to keep the history of the records of sportfishing, set the rules in this field, to approve, protect the sea and the freshwater habitats in the world.

In the 4 days long tournament, the boats suitable to participate will fish swordfish and tuna in addition to other fish species that are well populated in the area and will get points according to the size and weight of the fish they will catch. Releasing the fish to the sea in a good health will carry the contestants to the grand prize with the high points they give to them. Being organized in the Offshore Big Game category, MOST Bodrum is giving the signals of being the Formula 1 of the sportfishing in Turkey with all these qualities and important guests participating from abroad!

Important Missions and The Awareness Coming From The Sea

MOST Bodrum’s most fundamental goal is to popularize sportfishing in Turkey, to be an important sea tourism ambassador in the World, to develop and popularize nature and environment consciousness, to raise awareness in sustainable environment understanding, to improve sea tourism, touching the people from all over the world by introducing Turkey in different fields…

By bringing together everyone local or foreign who dedicated themselves to sportfishing, MOST is signing under a worldwide organization which will be awaited every year with excitement!

A whole new potential for Turkish sea tourism…

Places the sportfishing is most common can be listed as Europe, the USA, Canada, and Australia. This activity is, beyond its sport and social side, providing substantial economic contributions to these areas. 25 million amateur angler spending 25 billion Euros in Europe and providing serious employment in the USA, sportfishing has a consolidated contribution of approximately 220 billion dollars to the economy with nearly 65 million registered amateur fishers across the USA, 18 billion dollars of income, 52.4 billion dollars of sale, 30 billion dollars of added value, 72 billion dollars of travel expense, and an employment amount of 370,000. (NOAA, 2013). 

Being rather suitable for sportfishing regarding its inland waters, shores, and marine areas, Turkey has great potential in this field. The ones who are interested in sportfishing, the ones who want to level up their hobby by joining a tournament, and the ones who can not wait to watch the organization that will have a great impact on the sportfishing world in its own place can visit website to get all of the details and do online registration to become a contestant. Where you can get the big trophy and the big money prize with the big fish, the sportfishing’s “Formula 1” MOST Bodrum Tournament will be waiting for the ones who want to see exciting moments and breath-taking experiences on 24-27th August in Aegean’s one of a kind deep blue!

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