BÜLENT DELİCAN and his crew with Boat Barbarossa broke TURGUT KONUKOĞLU’s 116 Kg tournament record in 2017.

The 3rd MOST Bodrum Sportfishing Tournament was organized this year with the hosting of Yalıkavak Marina on 9-12th August. 35 big fishing boats participated in the tournament.

Famous names participating as contestants in the MOST Bodrum such as Turgut Konukoğlu, Adil Konukoğlu, Sinan Kosif, Can Okan, Sinan Kuran, Anıl İlter, Berent Akdemir, Sedat Akdemir, Çağdaş Çağlar, Kazım Ak, Mehmet Fırat have competed.

The head-referee being IGFA representative Dr. Serdar Günseren, Lawyer Can Özer hosted the tournament.

While famous business people competing for head to head in the two-day-long tournament, the largest being 118 Kg, 8 fish coming total of 493 Kg were caught.

The largest fish of the competition was caught by Boat Barbarossa Bülent Delican and his crew. The crew got the Biggest Catch award by catching the largest fish.

Boat Albatros belonging to Adil Konukoğlu came in first in the tournament with the 63 Kg and 83 Kg fish Murat İyriboz and his crew caught,

Sinan Kuran and his crew competing with Boat Shamu came in second with the two fish of 92 Kg and 10 Kg.

Boat Cano 1 Hasan Gümüşkesen and his crew competed with came in third with a 93 Kg fish after a long fight.

Standing out as the most important event in sportfishing, action-packed and quite popular in the world, in Turkey, Most Bodrum Sportfishing Tournament, the main sponsor being the Yalıkavak Marina, was organized with the support of Ortaklar Otomotiv, Volvo, Arvento, Gözen Air Services, Freebird, Damat, Promar, Seafari, Jigging Turkey Kılıç ve Namet

After the award ceremony, the boats getting a degree in the event got rid of the exhaustion of the competition with concerts of Kaan Öztürk and Onur Mete.